The world is evolving at a rapid pace, skills obtained in 2010 are no longer the skills needed today. The 4th Industrial Revolution is bringing about challenges and opportunities but also promoting unemployment or underemployment. The time is now to change and adapt.

The skills required today to realise the full potential of 4IR are Digitisation, Machine-Learning, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing, Data Science, Robotics, Nanotechnology and Biotechnology.

Employers have to jump on the band wagon and improve their organisation with these new 4IR Skills. Therefore, current workforce will have to adjust its skill set to keep afloat and employers need to provide skills development opportunities within their organisations. These skills become important with various jobs to fill and limited youth that meet the required skill set. Companies need to provide a collective effort at improving the potential employment outcomes for global youth.

Increased unemployment, greater income inequality, and more major changes are a few of the problems that failing to train the next generation of workers for the digitally driven economy. The problem will likely escalate as the 4IR transforms society, economics, jobs and people’s lives.

This revolution will significantly share youth roles as the future workers, consumers, and competitors.

Companies that don’t invest in the 4IR skills will affect how employees interact with technology, and transform where and how work is done, causing disruptions through corporate goals.

Foster-Melliar an MICT SETA Accredited training company suggest how a company can build the skills it needs to realise the full potential of 4IR:

  • Incorporate up-to-date skill training methodologies.
  • Engage youth to solve role-based problems.
  • Communicate skills needed within the company.
  • Provide resource opportunities and funds to support youth skills development.
  • Engage with education and workforce development companies.

For businesses to remain competitive they need too potentially reshape organizational structures, cultures and processes to fit these changing developments.

As the 4th Industrial Revolution unfolds, Foster-Melliar will provide skills and foster talent for a fully transformative workforce in the digital age.

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