The 2020/21 lockdowns changed a lot of things about the way organisations go about their business. Suddenly, technological solutions were needed to perform basic tasks like hold a meeting. Training and upskilling is no different. Since we can’t be in the classroom right now, it’s a perfect time to take advantage of the opportunities that e-learning presents in terms of:

  • On-boarding employees faster
  • Upskilling your entire workforce
  • Keeping employees productive
  • Accelerating career development
  • Developing managers and leaders

Do skills development your way with our Learning Management System (LMS)

Through our Online Learning portal we give you access to over 1000 user-friendly e-learning courses – all hosted on an easy-to-use cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS). Upskill your employees with our people development courses on a range of topics like workplace safety, digital marketing and even public speaking. Our productivity courses cover everything from Microsoft Office 365 training to complex IT management. See a full list of our courses here.

In addition to all the courses you get access to in our affordable subscription model, you can also create your own unique lessons for your own organisations. With our smart LMS technology, you can upload existing onboarding and training PowerPoints, and transform them into professional e-learning documents.

We let you turn any learning materials into your own by working with you on any changes to our courses. This can include adding your branding, policies, procedures, a message from the CEO, or many other customisation options.

Certified upskilled

Upskilling through e-learning benefits everybody in your organisation. By investing your employees’ skills, you show that you value them, in turn making them even more productive. All our online courses qualify for Skills Development, Supplier Development and Socio-Economic Development for your B-BBEE Scorecard.

With our powerful online learning portal, we make sure that training is done correctly. The smart system helps educators automate all tracking and recording activities and maintain learner records in score sheets and evaluation reports.

Managers can easily log in to view their team’s required learning course and intervene where required. The learners enjoy a clean and intuitive interface with easy access to everything they need to learn and develop their skills.

Administrators can conveniently:

  1. Assign learner courses
  2. Track learner activity and progress
  3. Provide Certification on completion

Get started on our online academy today

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